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Malaysia Airlines will commence flight operations three times a week between Dubai and Damascus. This is to temporarily replace the suspended Dubai/Beirut return flights.

The services between Dubai and Damascus will be operated for a limited period from 28 July 2006 till 29 August 2006. These flights have been activated to assist passengers whose travel to and from Beirut on Malaysia Airlines were disrupted following the closure of the Beirut International airport.

Flights MH 156 and MH157, originally serving Beirut, will now be temporarily rerouted Kuala Lumpur/Dubai/Damascus and Damascus/Dubai/Kuala Lumpur respectively on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

MH156 departs Kuala Lumpur at 0735 hours to arrive Dubai at 1035 hours and will proceed to Damascus at 1135 hours to arrive at the Syrian capital at 1345 hours.

The return flight MH 157 departs Damascus the same day at 1530 hours and arrives in Dubai at 1930 hours. It departs Dubai at 2035 hours and will arrive Kuala Lumpur at 0800 hours the next day.

These flights will be operated using a 294-seater Airbus A330-300 aircraft.
Malaysia Airlines will review the overall operations of the return flights MH156/157 and will update customers as and when there are further schedule changes.

Malaysia Airlines will resume its flights to the Lebanese capital once the airport is reopened.

Customers are encouraged to contact Malaysia Airlines nationwide Call Centre at 1 300 88 3000 (within Malaysia) and 603-7843 3000 (outside Malaysia) for more information.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

“The MAS Way : Business Turnaround Plan”

Addendum to “The MAS Way : Business Turnaround Plan”

This Business Turnaround Plan document is issued to staff and also external stakeholders with the following disclaimer in line with Bursa Malaysia ruling:

These headline KPIs in the scorecard are targets or aspirations set by the company as a transparent performance management practice. These headline KPIs shall not be construed as either forecasts, projections or estimates of the company or representations of any future performance, occurrence or matter as the headline KPIs are merely a set of targets/aspirations of future performance aligned to the company’s strategy.

Any financial figures referred to as ‘forecast’ and ‘estimates’ in the Business Turnaround Plan for all intent and purposes are KPIs (as defined in point 1 above). Therefore they should also be treated as targets or aspirations set by the company as a transparent management practice.
It is our view that because the airline industry is undergoing a tough business environment and MAS is not spared from it, it is only appropriate that we disclose information to the public as balanced and as fair as possible. It should be pointed out that when MAS announces its improvement turnaround amounting to RM 1.1billion in 2006, this does not necessarily mean that MAS will make a profit in 2006.

Finally, based on recent trends, it is our view that the information regarding our business turnaround is in all likelihood to leak, therefore issuing the document upfront to external stakeholders is a far better way to manage corporate information disclosure.

This Business Turnaround Plan and its targets have been approved by the MAS Board of Directors, but are not to be considered as forecasts reviewed by external auditors.

The reference to the 3 options for the domestic aviation sector on page 38 should be ignored as the Government is currently reviewing its policy.

27 February 2006

Managing Director’s Office , Malaysia Airlines, 1 st Floor, Admin Building 1, MAS Complex A, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport , 47200 Subang, Selangor Darul Ehsan , Malaysia . Tel : 603-7840 4801 Telefax : 603-7843 9400 SITA: KULDZMH

Meet the 'man' in Malaysia Airlines.

Meet the man we will work with Malaysia Arlines.

Mr Idris Jala became our new Managing Director and CEO as of 1st December; his mission is to help the Malaysia Airlines turnaround its business. His peers describe him as being down-to-earth, direct in approach with a firm belief that people drive business.

Early Years
Idris, 47, hails from Bario Sarawak. He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Development Studies from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang in 1982. Upon graduation, he won the Bishen Kaur Award as the top student. He then entered Shell on a scholarship which allowed him to obtain a Master's Degree in Industrial Relations at the University of Warwick in England.

Turning Business Around
Idris has worked with Shell since 1982. He has held various posts both in Malaysia and overseas in different areas such as Human Resources, Retail, Business Development and Business Re-engineering. Prior to joining Malaysia Airlines, he was Managing Director of Shell Middle Distillates Synthesis (SMDS) Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Vice President of Shell Malaysia Gas and Power.

Idris has successfully led the business turnaround of SMDS since taking on this role in 2003. While he was Country Chairman and Managing Director of Shell in Sri Lanka he led the turnaround of its LPG business there.

Changing Mindsets and Definitive Action
Idris has very definite ideas and plans on how and what we need to change at this crucial time of our history. Given his varied experience and track record, he is well qualified to address the challenges we face and also to provide opportunities for new growth.

Idris has spent time in coming up to speed with the business and his dynamic "hands-on" approach promises to be a role model to everyone on Malaysian Airlines. On December 2nd, at an internal staff briefing, held at Malaysian Airlines Academy, Idris revealed a preliminary roadmap for action. In the next Berita MAS, we'll have the opportunity to find out more about just how Idris plans for us to do this and also how he intends to "meet the troops" and engage us all in unleashing our potential.

Kenalilah orang yang akan bekerja dengan kita

En. Idris Jala menjadi Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif kita mulai 1 Disember, dimana misinya adalah untuk membantu memulihkan semula perniagaan Malaysia Airlines. Rakan-rakan sejawatnya menganggap beliau sebagai seorang yang suka merendah diri, mempunyai pendekatan yang terbuka dan percaya bahawa manusialah yang menjana sesuatu perniagaan.

Tahun-tahun Awal
Idris, 47, berasal dari Bario Sarawak. Beliau menerima ijazah Sarjana Muda dalam bidang Kajian Pembangunan dari Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang pada tahun 1982. Apabila tamat pengajian, beliau telah dianugerahkan Anugerah Bishen Kaur sebagai siswa terbaik. Beliau seterusnya bertugas dengan Shell melalui biasiswa dan telah memperolehi Ijazah Sarjana dalam Perhubungan Industri dari Universiti Warwick, England.

Memulihkan Perniagaan
Semenjak dari 1982, Idris telah bertugas dengan Shell dimana beliau telah menjawat pelbagai jawatan sama ada di Malaysia maupun di luar negara dalam beberapa bidang seperti Sumber Manusia, Peruncitan, Kemajuan Perniagaan dan Penjanaan Semula Perniagaan. Sebelum menyertai Malaysia Airlines, beliau adalah Pengarah Urusan Shell Middle Distillates Synthesis (SMDS) Malaysia dan juga Naib Presiden Shell Malaysia Gas and Power. Idris telah berjaya mengetuai pemulihan semula SMDS sejak mengambil alik jawatan pada 2003. Sewaktu beliau menjadi Pengerusi Negara dan Pengarah Urusan Shell di Sri Lanka, beliau telah memulihkan perniagaan LPG di negara berkenaan.

Mengubah Cara Pemikiran dan Tindakan Definitif
Idris mempunyai idea-idea dan rancangan-rancangan definitif bagaimana dan apa yang kita perlukan bagi mengubah sejarah yang paling getir dalam sejarah kita ini. Melalui pengalaman luas beliau dan rekod pencapaiannya, beliau amat layak untuk menyelesaikan cabaran yang kita hadapi sekarang selain dari menyediakan peluang-peluang untuk pertumbuhan-pertumbuhan baru.

Idris berpengalaman luas dalam bidang perniagaan dan pendekatan terus yang dinamik dari beliau dijangka dapat menjadi ikutan kepada semua kakitangan di Malaysia Airlines.

Pada 2 Disember, dalam satu taklimat kakitangan di Akademi Penerbangan Malaysia, Idris telah melancarkan garis-garis tindakan awal beliau.

Dalam Berita MAS yang akan datang, kita akan berpeluang untuk melihat rancangan-rancangan yang telah diatur oleh Idris dan bagaimana beliau berhasrat untuk bertemu dengan kakitangan dan membantu kita membuktikan potensi kita.

'Best South-East Asian Airline'.

Malaysia Airlines made headlines again, this time in Pattaya, Thailand when it was voted the ”Best South-East Asian Airline” in the 16th Annual Travel Awards 2005 survey conducted amongst readers of TTG Asia, TTG China, BTN Asia Pacific, BTN China and TTGmice published by TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd on 14 October 2005.

The award, presented by TTG Asia, is bestowed annually upon outstanding organisations of the travel trade within the Asia Pacific region.

Managing Director of TTG Asia Media Pte Limited, Darren Ng who announced the award at the CTW (Corporate Travel World Asia-Pacific) and IT&CMA (Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings Asia) events held from 11-13 October 2005 in Pattaya said,

We congratulate Malaysia Airlines on this achievement. It clinched this coveted award for its dedication towards commitment and service excellence.

Malaysia Airlines’ Area Manager Thailand, Barbara Dirnberger, who attended the award presentation ceremony, said that the award was yet another testimony to the consistent effort of our staff in delivering the unique Malaysia Airlines brand experience to customers.

Their dedicated efforts have enable us to further strengthen our position as a premium international airline with strong regional presence,she added.

Barbara also thanked the readers of TTG Asia Media’s publications for voting Malaysia Airlines to the pole position in this category.

TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd is the leading publisher and organiser of events in travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region. Its publications and trade shows provide the best access and solutions to marketing travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific.

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Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair 2006.

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Fuel cost continues to remain as the single largest expense item for all
carriers. Malaysia Airlines has been taking measures to mitigate this rise
in cost by streamlining and matching fuel surcharge rates in line with
other airlines.

With effect from 01 February 2006, Malaysia Airlines' fuel surcharge rates
for international travel between Malaysia and South Asia and North Asia
will be streamlined to USD50 per sector.

This will be applied as follows:-

- Ticketing in Malaysia: For travel between Malaysia and South Asian
countries i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Sri Lanka, Maldives -
from USD18 per sector to USD 50 per sector.

- Ticketing outside Malaysia: For travel between South Asian countries
i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Sri Lanka, Maldives and Malaysia -
from USD20 per sector to USD50 per sector.

- Ticketing in Malaysia: For travel between Malaysia and the North Asian
countries of China, Hong Kong, and Korea - from USD18 per sector to
USD50 per sector.

- Ticketing in China only: For travel between China and Malaysia,
Malaysia Airlines will continue to apply the current rate offered by
competitors at USD20 per sector.

It is an industry practice among carriers worldwide including those
operating in Malaysia, to collect an administration fee. To date, Malaysia
Airlines has held off charging an administration fee to its customers.

Effective 01 February 2006, Malaysia Airlines will introduce an
administration fee for the issuance of tickets for international travel.

This fee matches the quantum charged by other airlines and is aimed at
partially defraying document/ticket issuance costs, IT costs for internal &
external computer reservations systems (CRS) and global distribution
systems (GDS) as well as related booking and ticketing costs.

The rates are as follows: -

- Travel between Malaysia and Asean countries i.e. Brunei, Cambodia,
Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore - USD
3.70 (equivalent to RM14) per sector. This rate also applies to
tickets issued outside Malaysia for travel within Malaysia, except on
Rural Air Service sectors.

- Travel between Malaysia and North Asia, South Asia, Middle East,
Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North & South America - USD7
per sector.

Insurance charges for international sectors will be standardized across the
board at USD5 per sector from USD1.25 per sector with effect 01 February

These revised and new rates, which will be collected at the point of
ticketing, are applicable for tickets issued on/after 01 February 2006 and
for travel on/after 01 February 2006.

With this streamlining and standardizing exercise, which is in line with
industry practices; Malaysia Airlines will continue to remain competitive.




Thursday, 9 February 2006 - Malaysia Airlines (MAS) signed a Memorandum of
Understanding (Mou) with the Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY
Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur today in conjunction with the "Hope for
Humanity" Campaign.

The one-year campaign is also part of the national airline's corporate
social responsibility programme, which allows both organisations to
establish a framework for strategic collaboration in humanitarian
assistance programme.

Malaysia Airlines was represented by YBhg. Dato' Dr Munir Majid, Chairman
of Malaysia Airlines whilst MERCY Malaysia was represented by its'
President, YBhg. Datuk Dr Jemilah Mahmood.

In his speech at the signing ceremony, Dato' Dr Munir said, "We at Malaysia
Airlines are pleased with this collaboration, as it is an ideal avenue to
consolidate our humanitarian and disaster relief support through an
established and internationally recognised Malaysian organisation. We will
endeavour to ensure meaningful engagement of both our passengers and staff
for the success of this partnership."

Among the areas of collaborations are:

Mission Deployment: Air Passage
Special fares to assist deployment of teams during disasters and excess
luggage allowance.

Fundraising and Promotions through Malaysia Airlines
MERCY Malaysia is permitted to organise its fundraising activities through
numerous channels like placement of MERCY Malaysia's donations boxes at
selected locations within Malaysia Airlines' premises, distribution of its
information/donation flyers in Malaysia Airlines' in-flight magazine Going
Places, and a screening of its one-minute informational clip on Malaysia
Airlines' in-flight entertainment channel on all international flights,
just to name a few.

In return for the above, MERCY Malaysia will train Malaysia Airlines staff
on relief/humanitarian work for possible participation in MERCY Malaysia's
relief missions in Malaysia and overseas.

"This is indeed an important and historical day for MERCY Malaysia. We
are grateful to our national airline, which is going beyond expectations to
not only assist us with fund raising but promoting our visibility
internationally. With this partnership, MERCY Malaysia is confident of
improving its services and response to disasters globally. We are proud to
be collaborating with MAS and are confident that both organisations will
reap mutual benefits from this partnership" remarked Dr. Jemilah.

Malaysia Airlines ( is one of Asia's largest,
flying more than 40,000 passengers, across 6 continents everyday. Its
network now links 116 passenger and cargo destinations covering Malaysia
and six continents, served by a fleet of over 110 aircraft, ranging from
the largest 361-seater Boeing 747-400 to the 19-seater Twin Otter. Malaysia
Airlines will begin the latest Airbus A380 aircraft operations by 2007 to
meet increasing customer demand on key long haul routes into and out of
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


MERCY Malaysia is a medical relief organisation dedicated to providing
humanitarian aid in crisis and non-crisis situations irrespective of race,
religion, culture or boundary. Since its inception in 1999, MERCY Malaysia
has sent relief mission to Kosova, Cambodia, Indonesia, Turkey, India,
Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Iran, Sudan, Aceh and currently,
Pakistan. On the homefront, MERCY Malaysia serves the local communities
through outreach programmes in various states within the country. It also
runs the Drug Rehabilitation and Assistance Programme (DRAP) to assist drug
reformers to get back on their feet and return to the society. For more
information on MERCY Malaysia, kindly visit




Kuala Lumpur, 10 February 2006: Temptations, Malaysia Airlines' Inflight
Shopping arm, was awarded for the second year running the Highly Commended
Frontier Award for Innovation. This award marked the end of a highly
successful year where Temptations posted record profits in its inflight
sales in excess of RM5 million in the last nine months ending December 2005
against a turnover of RM32 million.

Highly regarded as the Oscars of the travel retail industry, the
presentation of the Frontier Award is given in recognition of Temptations'
overall business performance such as innovation, profitability, creative
execution, promotions and operations. The award was unveiled at a leading
hotel here by Malaysia Airlines Managing Director, Mr. Idris Jala and
Commercial Director, Dato' Rashid Khan in the presence of Assistant General
Manager Marketing Support, YM Raja Nordiana Zainal Shah, local media and
Temptations internal and external business partners.

Since undergoing an extensive rebranding exercise in 2003, Temptations by
Malaysia Airlines has made a name for itself as an inflight retailer and as
a trail blazer in inflight shopping.

In reviewing the year 2005, two key factors were attributed to its sterling
success. First, the focus to acquire the right mix including Temptations
branded items which appeals to a global customer profile. Second, the
multi-ethnic creative treatment of the catalogue design.

Out of 19 product categories, 13 categories showed double-digit growth in
sales from the previous year. With prices five to ten percent cheaper than
on-the-ground retail outlets, fragrances contributed the largest share of
revenue with cosmetics a close second. Cosmetics sales experienced a 32%
growth while fragrance sales saw a growth of 20% compared to the previous
year. Skin care products recorded an increase of 35%.

"Our business strategy incorporates an understanding of the behavioural,
cultural and spending patterns of our global passengers. We took bold steps
that were refreshing and different from what other airlines offer on board
the aircraft.

"Improved sales were also achieved by working closely with our business
partners ranging from suppliers to our cabin crew who are given cash
incentives and creating cross-selling opportunities among Malaysia
Airlines' auxiliary brands such as Enrich, Golden Holidays and GRADS. To
enhance passengers' inflight shopping experience for the very first time,
the World of Temptations contest was developed to thank them for their
wonderful support and to add an exciting element when shopping on board
Malaysia Airlines flights," explained Raja Nordiana.

Having made its mark in 2005 for its multi ethnic and cross cultural
inflight shopping catalogues, at the event, the new theme for 2006 entitled
Fantasy was also launched. From cover to cover, the new catalogue exuded a
contemporary lifestyle magazine appeal.

Temptations is the inflight shopping catalogue managed by Golden Boutique
Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Ticket time limit for MAS international flights.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines' automated ticketing time limit (Auto TTL), currently imposed on domestic flights, will now be extended to international flights from today.

The airline said the move was to ensure the travelling public have a better chance of travelling on MAS.

In a statement yesterday, the airline said the system required passengers holding confirmed bookings on MAS international flights to get their tickets issued within the stipulated timeline, failing which their bookings would be cancelled automatically by the system.

The Auto TTL would also weed out duplicate bookings.

The seats are released back into the inventory due to non-ticketing.

The airline said this would be especially crucial during peak seasons.

The system would also ensure regular and consistent monitoring of the airline's seats globally thereby minimising wastage, the airline said.

It also reminded passengers to take note of their ticketing time limit once they have secured confirmed travel.

For more information on the Auto TTL, passengers can call the MAS 24-hour call centre 1-300-88-3000 (within Malaysia) or 603-78463000 (outside Malaysia) or visit the nearest MAS office.

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Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair 2006.

From 17 till 26 February 2006. So hurry, grab it. Don't miss it.

The Travel Fair is back again and this time with a difference you will surely appreciate! No venues, jams or queues.

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Full details of contest, list of special Airfares from Malaysia and ASEAN countries, and Golden Holidays packages will be revealed on 16 February 2006.

Plse visit or hotline call centre.

1-300-88-3000 .

6732 222 4141 / 4142.

855 23 426688 (Phnom Penh).
855 63 964135 (Siem Reap).

62 21 522 9690 / 82 (Jakarta).
62 61 451 9333 (Medan).
62 751 35888 (Padang).
62 31 531 8632 (Surabaya).
62 361 764995 (Denpasar).

951 241001 20 (Ext. 121 / 122).

63 32 2320905 (Cebu).
63 25 259404 (Manila).

65 336 6777 (24 hours).

66 22 630565 (Bangkok).
66 76 213749 / 234467 (Phuket).

84 48 248820 / 21 (Hanoi).
84 48 242885 (Ho Chi Minh City).
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